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Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008: A Photo Montage

Tom works on his groove at our pad


The romantic interlude in Oxford didn't quite work out, but I did bag a room with a view

And the High Street is still beautiful

Day Tripping with Nick and Kata

Outside Buckingham Palace

Off Piste, Val Thorens, France

On Piste!

Red Sky At Night . . .

. . . get pissed with the Irish

Global Cooling?

On route to Via Diodati on the Newhaven - Dieppe ferry looking like a true Frenchman

Downtime for David in Brighton

Italian Men seem good at attracting gorgeous girls . . . hmm . . .

. . . and losing your dignity

Tanith Lee and Harry Harrison are the famous ones . . . well as famous as SF writers get!

Dean shows how to pull off the man-bag . . .

. . . not sure about the flat cap though . . .

Lee's right-hand man is the grim reaper

Jeff ups the ante for Villa Diodati by discovering a villa outside Lyon

Best. Writer's Group. Ever.

Twins Birthday

Isle of Wight

Food Lines

Woooah . . . J E N G A!

Carn Meini, Wales


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